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Today is October 9, 2015

Cells for Flow Cytometry (FACS) analysis


Cells Depot™ preserved cells are derived from human and mouse cells with intended use in flow cytometry applications (For Research Use Only). The cells are non-viable and stain optimally with low antibody concentrations. They can be used to validate antibody binding, serve as control for cell subset evaluation or used for multi-color compensation.

Quality Controlled Cells with a Guarantee


A variety of cells are available for FACS staining applications. Each lot of preserved cells undergo extensive testing and carry a replacement guarantee.

Prolonged shelf-life     Easy sampling    Consistency     Savings  


Cells Depot™ preserved cells remain stable and unfrozen when stored in a regular freezer. Since thawing is not required, sampling is quick and repeat sampling is easy resulting in greater efficiency and savings in cost.

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